Two weeks of lock-down

by Kaneez Fatima, GRoW participant

Due to the Pandemic situation, it is indeed a tough time not just for us but also for the nation itself. Government has declared the lock-down for all of our own safety. Hence, we all must adhere to the instructions given by the government “Stay Home & Stay Safe”.

First week of lock-down was difficult, as life seemed completely upside down. Nobody was going out of house for anything; everything seemed so still at one point. We never experienced that kind of feeling before. Kids were also was clueless that what is going on. However, we as parents have explained them the situation and the precautions we have to take in terms of protecting not just ourselves but also others.

Eventually, we are coping up good, being in the second week of lock-down. Kids are doing well and settled down, thanks to Sarah Rowlands Head-teacher of Altmore & Lathom Schools Federation and her management and teacher teams at both of the schools. They have been doing an excellent job in this tough time, from teaching pupils with their online classes to keep them stay healthy & active with the P.E. sessions, etc. All the teachers are available online and accessing kids work straight away and advising them just as in the classroom. As far as I am aware, that is the only school who has been that active for the pupil in lock down. Thanks to all the teachers and Sarah for their great efforts.

Moreover, let us take this lockdown as an opportunity to spend more time with our families. Usually we are so busy with our schedules and never get much time to spend together as a family. As a family we are doing great, we are studying together; we are having breakfast, lunch and dinner all together at home now. At leisure time, we are playing carom board and other board games, watching movies together and much more.

We as a family have come out stronger now working together. Rather than complaining about the lock-down, my opinion is to take it as an opportunity to spend more time with family. We should be thankful that we could still do that unlike the key workers who are at the front line and dealing with the situation throughout the nation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the key workers throughout the nation including NHS Staff, Police Department, Fire Department, Teachers, and many more.

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