Shabita Shrestha: In Lockdown but learning with GRoW

Before the Lockdown, I joined the GRoW Programme. As a mother of two from Nepal I wanted to be part of a group near my home where I could share my experience and learn about work with other women.

I attended some sessions held at my children’s local school but due to the lockdown I was unable to engage in  group sessions, but that didn’t stop there. I stayed with GRoW and I am making the most of it, my English is not good but I don’t let that stop me from doing things.

I recently registered on the GRoW Lockdown Programme to do the online training courses through GRoW.  As I have a passion for being with people I would like to work in retail but having no experience, I decided to do the Customer Care and Retail Value skills course. It’s well structured and I am enjoying every moment of it. The best thing about these online courses is that you can do it when you’ve got the time which is a bonus. I have learnt so much about retail and when the time is right will use this to move forward into work with the help of the GRoW Team.

For those who have not yet registered on the Online courses i would recommend it, try new things – they are short and very informative.

I also started the GRoW Your Own Business (GYOB) Zoom sessions with Mercedes Grant as I would like to start my own business in the future and feel now is the time to start planning. It was fun using Zoom. It was my first time and it’s very easy to follow, it was a great session as it is always nice not only to learn but to listen to others.

I am taking part in all the sessions GRoW is offering, making the most of it. It’s  very important that during Lockdown , we as mums make time for ourselves (I Know with kids it’s not easy)  and this is the time to think about the future. Having these online training programmes helps.

Being with GRoW you realise there is a world out there for everyone. It’s all about taking the right steps with the help of GRoW who are very helpful, fun and most of all my friends.  My motivation and confidence has grown in such a short time.

I enjoy being with them especially during the Lockdown and I am happy I joined in time.  I would recommend GRoW to others. I know it’s not easy to come out, it is challenging but I have done it and it’s an achievement for me.

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