Luz’s Lockdown Learning

Luz was introduced to the GRoW Programme through the Canning Town Job Centre as she was looking for work after leaving her job of 6 years. 

Luz said “I had been working as a Cleaning Manager which was very good experience for me and a challenge that I really enjoyed but at the same time I was thinking about doing something different with my life.  I went to one face-to-face GRoW session but then Lockdown happened and so I continued the programme online.   I am really enjoying being part of the GRoW Programme and you can see all the other ladies on the Programme are enjoying it too by the way they express themselves.  We all feel we are growing through the experience.

I am now doing the Daily Steps ESOL Course which is part of the GRoW Lockdown Training Programme.  It’s a great course and very easy to do.  The course director Jane was the guest at the GRoW coffee morning last week and I got to meet her in person which was great.

I am currently doing the Level 3 ESOL Course but then I plan to do the Level 4 and 5.  What’s great about the ESOL course is that there are lots of blogs and information from Jane on the course that help to guide you through the process and keep you on track of what you need to do.  After I do the ESOL courses I am looking at doing the GRoW Your Own Business Course with Mercedes Grant and I have been speaking to Liz about possibly doing a children and young people qualification too.  Even though I already have a qualification in this area I think it would be good to do a refresh as I am really interested in working with children, perhaps in a Playgroup setting.

It’s been really good getting support from the GRoW Team, Liz, Mercedes and Saeema have been particularly helpful and they have such energy and drive which motivates me to keep doing better.  They have given me so much confidence as they make you realise what you have to offer.  Sometimes women don’t understand the skills and experiences they have gained in life and how this can be transferred to the workplace, GRoW really helps you be the best you can be.”

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