Well done to our Lockdown Training Participants

During Lockdown the GRoW Team launched a range of special Training Courses to respond to the needs of our participants, enabling them to continue to learn and develop their skills and knowledge.  Our new training programmes were free to access for all of our GRoW participants and we also helped with the costs of data to access the courses online.

We were delighted with the response! 32 participants signed up with 10 people passing so far.

Training courses undertaken include:

ESOL and Advanced ESOL, Food Hygiene Safety Certificate Level 2, Teaching Assistant, Essential IT, Customer Care, Early Years Childcare for Nurseries, Paediatric First Aid, Stress Awareness/Management, Retail Skills and Values, Young People and Mental Health, Warehousing and Logistics, Caring for Children and Young People, Awareness of Mental Health Problems and Certificate in Behaviour that Challenges in Children Level 2.

Tosin Beckley, GRoW Team Adviser said “Our participants that registered for the lockdown training and did their chosen courses felt that they have achieved something great for themselves and I would have to agree. Most of them felt that they couldn’t do anything as they thought they didn’t have any experience or nothing to show for on their CV and had quite low self esteem but after doing the courses, they feel it has opened their minds to be able to do anything once they put their mind to it!

Miss Aoulatou Bello felt very good and proud of herself that she was able to complete her Food and Hygiene course and also went on to complete her Customer service course as well and here is a client whose English speaking is her second language!!! It really brought out her confidence and she has even asked if she can sit for more online courses!!!!

What is really great about the lockdown training courses is that you can do it at your own pace, and it is always available for you whenever you are ready…….

I say don’t be afraid to take that next step and see where it takes you because at the end of the day, it’s all about you and what you are gaining for yourself in going forward. Well done to everyone who has signed up and passed their courses so far!”.

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