Maria Lands Her First Job  

Maria joined the GRoW Programme in November 2020 with no work experience but a keen interest in getting a job.  She has now been offered a job with the NHS as a Front of House as part of the Covid-19 Vaccination programme.

Maria said “I found out about GRoW through a friend and after making contact was quickly put in touch with Khatera and Saeema as my Advisers.  I have been a housewife for 12 years and have two young children and I have never worked outside of the home before.  I was keen to get a job and be part of the working arena and was so grateful for the help that GRoW were giving me to set me on the right track.  I was invited me to attend the weekly coffee mornings where I found out about local jobs in my area and it was at one of these Coffee Mornings that I found out about the NHS Front of House jobs that were being created as part of the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.

Khatera and Saeema helped me work through any problems with the application form and soon after sending it in I was informed that I had got the job! I was sent an e-training course from the NHS which I completed online and I start the job on Saturday in Wembley.  This is the first job I have ever had and it is a huge achievement for me to be doing this.  I am so excited to be working with other people and have this opportunity to work for the NHS.  It is a temporary contract which is completely flexible, I book the days and hours I want to work and can also choose the location.

This will be fantastic experience for me and something that will really help me boost my CV.  I am so grateful to GRoW for helping me on my journey to work, I could never have done it without them.”

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