Miss Bello continues to GRoW

Miss Bello was referred to GRoW from her Job Centre in Uxbridge in 2019.

She said “I was looking for a job but I had no idea where to begin.  My daughter was very young at the time and as a single mother I wasn’t looking for a job straight away but I wanted to get ready for work.  My English was not so great and I was really lacking in confidence and was very shy.  When I came to GRoW that all changed.

The GRoW Programme helped me so much with my confidence.  There was so much I just didn’t know how to do for myself but going through the Programme really helped.  Having not really worked before, only domestically within the home, I didn’t even know what a CV was or what it was used for but the GRoW Team took me through all the steps, worked with me on putting one together and taught me how to look for a job.  Even during Lockdown they carried on supporting me, sending me courses that I could do from home to improve my skills and prospects.  I was so proud of myself when I achieved a 100% result on a Customer Services course I completed and I also went on to achieve a certificate in Food and Hygiene.  All of this was such good experience for me and I received so much encouragement from my GRoW Advisers who made me believe I could do it if I tried.

I have been attending the GRoW Coffee Mornings every week, they are so useful, and I don’t want to miss anything that the GRoW Team have to say, I want to hear about everything they have to offer me.  During the pandemic I have had to take a break from looking for a job because of concerns about my health.  Being a single mum I have no one to help me and I can’t risk anything happening to me for my daughter’s sake.   GRoW are the only people who help me and they have been a real support.   I am really looking forward to getting my vaccination done so that I can start looking for jobs again, I really do feel ready now, I know I can work and I know what to say to a potential employer.

In the meantime I am continuing to look at courses I can do from home to improve my skills and boost my cv.

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