Noreen Nails a Job as a Nursery Assistant

Noreen joined the GRoW Programme over a year ago following the loss of her job and despite losing another job due to the pandemic, she has strived to boost her skills and confidence and has now landed a new job as a Nursery Assistant.

Noreen said “I first met the GRoW Team Advisers at a Jobs Fair where GRoW were exhibiting.  Straight away they put me at ease and were so kind and understanding.  I was feeling very low after losing my job and my confidence had taken a dive.  Liz, Tosin and Saeema supported me so much during this time, keeping my spirits up and helping me to believe in myself.  I took part in the GRoW Programme and it really helped me with my confidence.

I got a job in a local school in March 2020 but just a few weeks later we went into lockdown and because I didn’t have a permanent position I lost my job again.  I was so upset but the GRoW Advisers helped me. Saeema really listened to me and gave me so much strength, she wouldn’t let me give up. It is due to all of their support that I am where I am today, starting a new job this week with so much to look forward to.

Saeema kept me informed of training courses I could undertake to increase my knowledge and skills and I completed eight training courses, 3 online and the others at Uxbridge College.  I built my skills up in so many areas including Customer Service, Food Hygiene, Teaching Assistant, Stress Management and Employability and I also did a Parent Champion course.  Having been out of work for a long time I felt I was forgetting things and it was affecting my confidence.  Doing these courses helped so much because it made me feel I had something to offer and was in with a chance of getting another job.

Sonia helped me with my CV, reminding me of all the things I had achieved and I recently got in touch with my former manager at the Nursery I worked at in March to let them know of my new skills and to tell them I was still available.  I was so pleased when they said they wanted me to come back after the Easter holidays to work as a Nursery Assistant.  I love working with children and am so happy to be starting back with them again, working 3 days a week.

I really want to thank all the members of the GRoW Team.  They have always been so supportive, helping me every step of the way.  I will be recommending the GRoW Programme to everyone. It has helped to increase my confidence and helped me with getting my job.  What I have found from doing the programme is that you have something to learn from everyone you meet, every single person has an impact and it has been so helpful for me.

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