Beena Gets a Job


Beena was referred to the EQUIP programme at GRoW by her job centre in May this year.  Beena has two children and has not worked since coming to the UK 14 years ago.  Keen to find work, preferably in a school, Beena has engaged in GRoW’s online sessions and has now found a full time job as a General Operative with Pilgrims Food Master.

Beena said “I had been out of work for a long time and really liked the idea of becoming a Teaching Assistant in a school.  My GRoW Adviser, Saeema, introduced me to all of the different sessions GRoW had to offer that would help me get ready for work and I have found all of it to be such a positive experience.

I have taken part in the weekly Coffee Mornings and the CV Workshop with Sonia which was really useful as it helped me understand the skills I had to offer.  I went on the ‘Preparing to Work in Schools’ Programme that GRoW ran and it was very informative.  I learned a lot and it gave me the confidence to apply for some school jobs which was good experience for me.  A friend told me about a job vacancy she had seen advertised that she thought I might be interested in and so I applied for it.  Because of the work I had done on my CV and the other advice I had received through the online sessions with GRoW I felt confident enough to apply for the job on my own and I was delighted to find out I had been offered the job which is as a General Operative at Pilgrims Food Master.

I am really enjoying the job now and think I will stick with this rather than continue looking to work in a school.  It is working out really well for me and I am so grateful to GRoW for the advice and guidance they have given me throughout my time with them.”

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