Rabia Focuses on Upskilling

Rabia came to GRoW at the beginning of 2023 through the Mayor of London’s Academies Programme. Looking to return to work after being at home to look after her children she has discovered through GRoW new opportunities and learning experiences that has set her on a new career path.

Rabia said; “Being part of GRoW has been quite transformative for me.  I was introduced to GRoW by Yeading School and my journey began when I met Saeema at the Belina GRoW HQ in Hayes.  Saeema was wonderful, giving me lots of information and advice and really working to understand what I needed to move forward.  I attended a Workshop with Liz and at that time I was thinking about working in a school as I love being around children and I also have relevant experience, having worked as a Midday Supervisor 13 years ago.  However, after speaking with Saeema and Khatera at GRoW I became interested in other opportunities. I learned that the world has changed quite a bit since I was last in work and there are many different types of jobs out there now and jobs that offer more flexible working conditions which may suit me better.  Khatera helped me to enrol on a Digital Skills Course at Harlington Community Centre which I am starting at the end of September and it has made me interested in the idea of working in IT instead as there are more opportunities for remote working in this field.  I’m also exploring the idea of improving my language skills so that I could potentially become a community interpreter. My first language is Urdu but I can speak and write Punjabi too. I feel getting some experience of this will also help to improve my confidence which is something I feel is really important for me to do.

My experience with GRoW has been so beneficial for me. A highlight has been the CV and Interview Workshops which helped me learn so much about myself and what skills I need but also other events such as the Coffee Mornings and the Advice Workshops have taught me a lot about things like good customer service. I really didn’t know where to start before I came to GRoW but they have put me on the right path and I understand now what I need to do to make progress.

The GRoW App is another great tool, in fact it is now my preferred social media platform! I make sure I check it everyday and I find every post informative. I love the fact that I get a ‘ping’ when any new jobs come out as it means I don’t miss anything.

I am now looking forward to starting my IT course and continuing to develop my skills and confidence.”

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