Spring 2020

GRoW Programmes Spring 2020

 If you are a Mum who need support to get back to work why not contact the GRoW Team to book on to a Get Ready for Work Programme 

We have Get Ready for Work Group Programmes running across Hillingdon, Newham and Islington

We can provide extra support – including a back to work bonus of up to £130  – for mums who have additinional needs

  • Lone mums
  • Mums who have faced DV or controlling behaviour
  • Mums with health issues or mental health issues, or have a disability
  • Mums with Children who are on child protection plans
  • Mums with a child with a health issue, learning difficulty, autism or a disability
  • Mums who are in debt or have serious housing issues
  • Mums who are also carers for other adults

We will need to see the following information

  • A UK, or EU, passport or residence permit
  • Proof of address
  • National Insurance Number
  • Proof of which benefit you  are on.


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