We have worked in over 50 Children’s Centres. This has allowed us to work closely with teams, supporting their work, developing new projects and training staff. The Centres listed below are now part of long term projects to develop new ways of supporting parents.

Altmore Children’s Centre, Newham
We have worked in partnership for over four years with Altmore. As well as delivering Take Three Days and GRoW here, Liz Sewell sits on the Advisory Group and we supported the Centre to achieve its Outstanding Ofsted report.

Clyde Children’s Centre, Lewisham
We regularly deliver GRoW and Take Three Days programme with Clyde. Their facilities and creche have been a really positive venue for some life-changing programmes, with people leaving the course and walking into jobs.

Evelyn Children’s Centre, Lewisham
We now have a permanent base here to develop our JCP FSF funded project to help parents back to work.  

Masbro Children’s Centre, Hammersmith
Over the last five years we have developed and trialled new programmes with Masbro. Our two big success stories are the Take One Day programme and the Parent’s Job Club that both started here.

Nestles Road Children’s Centre, Hillingdon
A new addition, this year – working on the Hillingdon Trust funded collaboration between Belina, two centres and Women Like Us.

Sheringham Children’s Centre, Newham
The team at Sheringham have worked with us to provide excellent services to local parents by providing both space and a creche for our event.  We also have a partnership to develop confidence in childminding, encouraging parents to try local registered childminders when attending our events and writing a Choosing Childminders blog for this website. 

St Pauls Children’s Centre, Bristol
The lead centre for our new project in Bristol, in collaboration with SPAN.

Uxbridge College Children’s Centre, Hillingdon
One of our new hubs –  we will be working with the team to provide ongoing support to their parents.

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