Success! GRoW People

GRoW makes a difference to people’s lives

Ayza, lone mother, attended the programme in East London, she went on to volunteer at the Children’s Centre and then trained and is now a paid TA. She says “I could not have done it with out the confidence I got from the programme”

Luci partially sighted, lone parent of two who had been unemployed for over 3 years. After attending a programme in Maidstone Kent she is now in her second year at University. “It was attending the programme that gave me the confidence and motivation to take that step”

After years of unemployment. Chelsea left the programme and immediately went back to her JCP adviser. She has moved onto a Vocational Course in Newham and is also trying to give up smoking – “I just needed that push. “

Fey had always wanted to be a midwife, but never had the courage to apply, following the programme she applied and was admitted to the training programme.

Alice got a job as a dinner lady following the course – doing exactly the hours she needed.

Anna did the course in London, and applied for a job – which she got. “It made me realise what you can get when you really want it and makes a difference to your life”

Saima completed the programme in Hillingdon and then went to volunteer – “I am doing a lot with my life.”

 Read Sarah’s case study here

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