Hi my name is Sarah, I attended a Take 3 Days GRoW programme through Workplace.

At first I was a bit nervous but once we’d all introduced ourselves it put me at ease.  The first day was about ourselves and involved team work activities. I enjoyed this part as we listened to each other and also got our opinions across. Second day we worked on our CV’s which helped me as I had one but was able to update it and understand how to tailor them.  The third day was on goal setting and our presentation, where we received our certificates and said how we felt about the course and ourselves.

I felt much better within myself after the course, it helped to motivate me and also to become much more confident in working with others and believing in myself.

After such a long time out of work, I decided to do some volunteering at a children’s centre now I work part time as a catering assistant at a school and still volunteer.

I would definitely recommend this course to people thinking about going into work or training as it builds confidence, and helps you to think about what you really want to do.

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