Rekha Looks for Retail Work

Rekha was interested in finding out how to get work experience as she had not had a job before. Initially she was lacking in confidence, especially in speaking to people as English is not her first language. She has engaged fully with the GRoW Programme activities which has boosted her confidence and she has been … Continue reading Rekha Looks for Retail Work

Indiana fulfils her dream

Indiana came to the UK in 2017 and joined the GRoW Programme at the end of 2021. Her first language is Romanian and she was looking for support to improve her English and gain voluntary experience to help build her confidence. Indiana’s goal was to work for the NHS.  She attended all the GRoW workshops … Continue reading Indiana fulfils her dream

Evie starts a job as a Nursery Assistant

Evie had worked for 23 years as an Environmental Health Inspector in Hong Kong but had not had a full time job since moving to the UK in December 2020. She had been tentatively looking for work but wasn’t proficient in accessing job sites and wasn’t sure how best to approach the job search process. … Continue reading Evie starts a job as a Nursery Assistant

Ebony GRoWs for a better future

Ebony joined the GRoW Programme after being given a leaflet from her Jobcentre that explained that GRoW helps mums get back to work. She had been out of work for 5 years to raise her youngest son and was looking at rejoining the workforce. Ebony has engaged with everything GRoW has offered her and is … Continue reading Ebony GRoWs for a better future

Maimoona builds confidence through learning

Maimoona joined GRoW in February 2022 when she was thinking about returning to work after a 15 year career break to raise her family. She has been an active and engaged participant on the programme and now feels ready to get back to work. Maimoona said; “I had heard a lot about GRoW over the … Continue reading Maimoona builds confidence through learning

Reshma rebuilds her confidence

Reshma came to the UK with her family from India in late 2021 and with a long gap in her employment was concerned about how she would rebuild her career. She joined Belina GRoW and has been fully engaged with activities. She has rebuilt her confidence and is now following her dreams. Reshma said “I … Continue reading Reshma rebuilds her confidence

Zainab prepares to return to work in schools

Zainab joined the GRoW project in Newham following a four week workshop focused on helping mums get back to work and presenting the many opportunities jobs in Schools can provide for working mums. Zainab has fully engaged with the GRoW Workshops and activities and is looking for volunteering opportunities in a school when her daughter … Continue reading Zainab prepares to return to work in schools

Delilah Flies Higher

Delilah joined the GRoW Programme in January 2021 after an abusive relationship had left her unemployed and as a single parent. Delilah now has three jobs, working as a SMSA and providing wraparound support as a Breakfast Club and After School worker. Delilah said “When I first came to GRoW I was highly anxious and … Continue reading Delilah Flies Higher