Getting through Covid-19 Lockdown

We’re all in it together!

You can find some useful information and advice from activities you can do with your children while they are at home, home schooling resources and tips to improving your mental health at our Resources page here.

On this page you will find articles from members of the Belina GRoW Team who share their thoughts and experiences during this challenging time.  Remember, we are here for you and if you need help or advice just drop us a line at and we will do all we can!

Well done to our Lockdown Training Participants

During Lockdown the GRoW Team launched a range of special Training Courses to respond to the needs of our participants, ...
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Shaking off the frustration of Lockdown

by Tosin Beckley, Employment First Officer - GRoW Programme As the weeks go by I feel that I am starting to ...
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Week #8 of Lockdown and Counting

by Heather Ette, GRoW Team Member So as we enter Week #8 of Lockdown I thought I would share some ...
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Shabita Shrestha: In Lockdown but learning with GRoW

Before the Lockdown, I joined the GRoW Programme. As a mother of two from Nepal I wanted to be part ...
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Locked down but there is light at the end of the tunnel

In the space of just a few weeks, so much about life has changed. For me and my family, it’s ...
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Two weeks of lock-down

by Kaneez Fatima, GRoW participant Due to the Pandemic situation, it is indeed a tough time not just for us ...
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Working from home, managing a Large Family and home schooling

AS has five children aged from 11 months to 11 years - here she lets us know what having to self-isolate has ...
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Parenting advice on Covid 19 – in 37 Languages!

Parents are asking what they need to do The WHO have provided advice in 37 languages. You can get all ...
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Helping younger children understand Corona a great new book – download here

We have found a great little book, perfect to read to your children. Click here to download it. GRoW Mums have ...
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Free for GRoW Parents – one to one tutoring for your children by Oxford University  students

With children at home,  GRoW has partnered with a group of female oxford university  students and recent graduates to offer free ...
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