The GRoW Programme is more than just helping to support women into work.  It is also a confidence-building programme which has been tried, tested and tailored to meet the needs of parents. Parents are motivated to work because they know it makes sense and has a positive long-term double impact: first on them, and then on their children. Getting back to work improves the financial, social and emotional prospects of the whole family.

GRoW helps parents to identify what they really enjoy about their current lives and what they want to change. It helps them to challenge their perceptions of the barriers and encourages them to take small steps back to work.

The GRoW programme has six elements

  1. Confidence
  2. Motivation
  3. Applying for a Job
  4. Interviews
  5. Setting up your own business
  6. Action plan

Each session has a detailed plan for the facilitator and materials and activities for the group. Each session is complete in itself, but builds to make a route map back to work, education and training.

We use group sessions because parents tell us they feel better able to discuss their issues when they are with others in the same situation. Every session reduces isolation and helps to build confidence, because parents realise they are not alone and with a skilled and trained facilitator they begin to talk through their real and sometimes perceived barriers.

Group work helps advisers be better too, as they have far more time with parents and get to know them, and so the help they offer is more appropriate and personalised. It is a win win situation.

We also help parents overcome their fears about applying for jobs especially filling in an application form, writing a CV and attending an interview.

if you want to deliver the GRoW programme in your centre contact us

We have worked in over 50 Children’s Centres and Schools.

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