Thank you for joining the GRoW Community.

For people who start the GRoW programme when they are working we have a training offer. We want you to complete a level 2 training whilst you are with us.

There are two ways to do this

Courses we pay for:

We offer the following short courses that we pay for – if you choose any of these and complete by the end of April we will pay a £50 bonus.

    • Level 2 Food and hygiene  – 3 hours
    • Level 3 food and Hygiene –  8-10 hours
    • Level 2 Safeguarding – 2 hours
    • Level 3 advanced safeguarding 3 hours

Please tell your adviser which course you want to do and we will get you started.

Any other level 2 course that you choose to do  

There are a lot of level 2 courses around – many of them free. There are lots to choose from – for example check out this website.

  • Complete by the end of April and we will pay you a £200 bonus
  • Complete by the end of May and we will pay you a £150 bonus

Please Note

  • MUST be a level 2 course or above
  • You MUST start the course now complete the course and share the certificate.
  • It should be a course that helps you to improve your ability to improve your chances of getting a better job.

Want to find out more? Fill in the form and we will contact you within 24 hours