Belina has developed a new short course called English for Interviews specifically for our SWEET participants. It includes a rage of short phrases that individuals can use that will help them represent themselves well when going for interviews. This helps candidates to better answer questions like Tell us about your skills and experiences, or even do you have permission to work in the UK.

Liz Sewell Director of the GRoW programme

Liz Sewell who developed the programme says “It is hard enough trying to think and speak in your first language at an interview; so this short course helps women to think about examples they can use ahead of time and then put them in to short sentences that can be practiced”

Our candidate also need extra help to understand what employers are expecting  when they ask questions like Why do you want this job? It is not good enough just to say I need money – even if that is the truth. Candidates need to be able to express their desire to work in that particular field, with that particular organisation.

The project is being piloted at Botwell Green Library with our Sweet participants from Hayes in Hillingdon. It will be rolled out over the Autumn across the Borough.

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The Sweet Project is funded by European Social Fund, and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.