Good News Story – The SWEET Leadership programme

BxR909hWRTSSNINBb3XBEQ Belina’s Sweet Community Leadership Group May 2018

Belina Get Ready for Work supported fourteen women to complete the SWEET Community leadership and introduction to working in schools programme. This was a six week programme that offered a group of women the chance to develop their understanding of how they could represent their community and how they could develop their skills to work in local schools

The tutor, Helen Rankin, came from another SWEET partner, Elatt. The project was a great success and included a site visit and fundraising event for Hillingdon Women’s Centre.

What the women said

Rezina – I was delighted to be part of the project and loved meeting the other women. I really want to work in a school.

Nandi I learnt a lot form the group and the other women – it is hard starting again in a new country , now I understand better how community projects work.

Devaki – I have asked two of my friends to join the project so that they can benefit from SWEET too!

Liz Sewell Director of the GRoW project that supported the women said the programme was a first for Hillingdon. “The women on the programme have so many skills, but they also need support to navigate the system. This programme helped them to do two things – One, understand how community organisations work,  and two, what they needed to do to get a job in a school – an ambition for many of the group”

Jessica Pickard from PDT’s employment team, who visited the programme  commented: “this is a good example of how community groups in different boroughs can work together to provide imaginative opportunities. There is a huge amount of female talent hidden under the surface in London, particularly in ethnic minority communities, and programmes like SWEET help bring it to the fore and develop it”.

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The Sweet Project is funded by European Social Fund, and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund.




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