Hyacinth and Sandra run Evelyn Children’s Centre Creche so that parents can attend GR*W sessions. Here they tell you what your child can expect and how you can help them to settle.

Using a creche is a great way for both parents and children to try out childcare – and we know that many parents move on from a creche to feeling  confident to go on to a full time course, and back to work.

If it is the first time the child has used the creche we encourage parents to come a little earlier but after that children often just walk straight in and get going.

When a child comes in with their parents we show them around and let them discover the toys and activities and  explore at their own pace.

If a child is crying we gently go over to the child, pick them up and comfort them and  engage them in an activity. Parents worry, but we say to them  “Your child will be fine – if it gets too much we will come and get you, but only if it is necessary.” We will try first to make help them settle, which is what usually happens. And we want parents to be able to enjoy their course.

We find that once they have the chance to settle down they really enjoy being at the creche. Each week we put out different activities, and children are able to choose what they want to do and go at their own pace.  This weeks we have foam and playdough as well as all the regular creche toys. Each child is free to choose to do what they want. And of course most of all they like to socialise and they play with the other children. And we always have some fruit so they can have a snack.

Our manager arranges it so that if a session runs once a week for six weeks it is the same workers that come each week.  That means the children  get to know us and we can support them.  And over the weeks we can help them progress – it is great to see them try new things.

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