Lone Parents and Work

There are 2 million lone parents in Britain today.  25% of families with children are headed up by a lone parent. 10% of Lone Parents are men. 63 per cent of single parents are in work, up 20% in 20 years. Once their children are at secondary school, lone mothers are as likely to work … Continue reading Lone Parents and Work

Lone Parents and Benefits

For detailed information look at the HMRC website, Key Benefits Income Support – usually until the youngest child is 5 Job Seekers Allowance – once the youngest child is 5, or if not entitled to IS. Parent must be available for work and actively seeking work. Employment and Support Allowance – If the lone parent … Continue reading Lone Parents and Benefits

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is gradually replacing the following benefits Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance Income-related Employment and Support Allowance Income Support Working Tax Credit Child Tax Credit Housing Benefit It is being brought in on a rolling basis and DWP will tell you when you will be moving over from IS, JSA or WTC on to UC. Things to … Continue reading Universal Credit

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