Why I Work

Everyone has their own reason

Parents tell Belina’s Mercedes Grant that they work for lots of reasons –


Part of my job is to follow up with parents after a course so I get to hear what they are saying about why they are working.

To be better off
‘Staying on benefits was a one way trip on the down escalator. Rising housing costs, benefits cap, freeze on benefits payments and increases in the cost of living make life on benefits harder each year.’
‘I don’t just want a job I want a career’
‘I don’t think about what I will earn tomorrow – I think about what I will earn ten years down the line’

My children

‘My kids want me to be happy and to do something that makes me happy.’
‘My daughter said, I like it when you work, your happier, and you smile more.’
‘My son said – I love it when you go to work – it gets you out of my hair.’
‘I want to be a role model for my children.’
“I feel like I have dreams and aspirations, so that my daughter will.’


I want to be my own person

‘When I am at home I am a mum, or a daughter, and I used to be a wife. What I want is to be me –to be the me that I am to myself. And I can do that at work.’
‘Honestly, I just want to have a conversation that is not about children’
‘I am fed up with being known as Jaimie’s mum. Why can’t I be Sarah?

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