Hillingdon Community Development

Paid Work Placement with BElina’s GRoW Project

SWEET Programme

  • Six month project
  • 8 hours a week
  • Term-time working
  • Pay £10.20 an hour
  • Three weeks paid holiday included
  • Successful participant will get a DBS check


  • Mondays 10. 00 am  – 2.00 pm
  • Wednesdays 10.00 am – 2.00 pm


  • Botwell Green Library – with some community outreach

Work Placement  Description           

  • To support women on the Sweet programme maintain contact with the Project
  • To support the women on the SWEET programme access volunteering programmes
  • To support women on the SWEET programme access local training
  • To promote the Sweet programme to local community organisations
  • To promote the SWEET programme to eligible women

Person specification

  • Ability to communicate with individuals eligible for and on the SWEET project
  • Ability to encourage them to participate in volunteering and training programmes
  • Willingness to promote emomployability
  • Knowledge of the SWEET project and the GRoW programme
  • Knowledge of Hillingdon