Hire Me My Way – A great new campaign

The Timewise Foundation and Women Like US have set up a fantastic new project called Hire me my way. And you need to help. Sign up on their new website  and spread the word.

Hire Me My Way will give a voice to the millions of candidates who want to be able to talk honestly and openly in the hiring process about their need to work flexibly. It’s about making real change happen in the job market, to give fairer opportunities to part-time and flexible workers. On the GRoW programme we regularly meet parents who need to start working flexibly but whilst it’s still the case that half of us work flexibly in some way, less than 1 in 10 quality jobs are open to flexibility.

We know that change will come eventually, but the pace of change is simply too slow. So Timewise have decided to  move the dial, and the Hire Me My Way campaign target is One  Million Jobs advertised with flexibility by 2020 (that’s 3 times the current level).

The campaign will achieve this target by asking employers who ARE open to flexibility to end the confusion by starting to say so. We are launching with 18 businesses as diverse as Dixons Carphone, innocent, EY, Kellogg’s and Virgin Money plus public sector employers such as Camden Council and Warwickshire County Council.

And they  backing from organisations who want that change too – as diverse as CBI, Mumsnet, TUC, CIPD, LGA, BITC, British Chambers of Commerce and the Resolution Foundation.

For those people who can’t wait for the campaign  to kick and want help getting a part time job NOW – the campaign offers a wealth of information and friendly employers  beyond the registration page.

Belina offers all its jobs flexibly and we benefit from that because the staff we hire are able to commit and deliver in the hours that suit them best.


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