Bringing up kids on your own, you might think work is not an option

But think again, says Belina’s Mercedes Grant

If you’re the only parent at home you may feel it’s wrong or just too difficult to be going out to work. But don’t give up on employment before you take a long hard look at what you really want from life. GRoW Is about getting the best for you and your family and a life on benefits does little for your kids, or you.

Start thinking long-term: you can start small and increase your hours as the kids grow older.

Take control of your life: explore what you want to do and take regular small steps towards that goal. Remember that most people take five or even ten years to get the job they really want.

Get connected: lone parents can be isolated, so get to know people. Make as many connections as you can in as many directions as you can . When times are tough those connections will help you through.

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