Here are some stories about our wonderful GRoW participants who we have helped on their journey to work.

Welcome Rosemarie Alphonse, our new Parental Employment Programme Manager

GRoW are delighted to announce that Rosemarie Alphonse has joined us as our new Parental Employment Programme Manager.  Rosemarie has ...
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Mojisola joins the Mail

After moving from Hackney to Hillingon, Mojisola was referred to GRow from her Jobcentre.   She had been out of work ...
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image of Cristina

Cristina progresses through work

Cristina joined the GRoW Programme in August as an In-Work Progression client.  Despite being a single parent to her 5 ...
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Romina Returns to Work

Romina came to GRoW at the beginning of May 2021 after she had lost her job at a hairdressing salon ...
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Neelam Starts a New Job

Neelam Asif came to GRoW in early 2020 and has taken full advantage of everything GRoW has to offer, both in ...
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Why should you come to the CV Workshop with Sonia?

by Heather Ette GRoW Team Member I was lucky enough to sit in on Sonia’s CV Workshop last week and ...
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Engaging with GRoW through the GRoW App

Q & A with Liz Sewell FIEP, Director, the GRoW Programme What is the GRoW App and what made you ...
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image of a woman in a park

Shanti gains her independence

Shanti came to the Grow Programme last year after being referred from her job centre in Yeading in Hillingdon.  Shanti ...
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Billie-Jo finds support through GRoW

Billie-Jo worked in the hospitality sector with a 20+-year career but following redundancy in 2020 she has been on a ...
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Nusrat grows through GRoW

Nusrat came to GRoW looking to find work now that her children are starting full time education. Through GRoW she ...
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Roselyn looks to a Career in Childminding

Roselyn was referred to GRoW by her Universal Credit Coach in May after being out of work since 2015.  Roselyn ...
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Rehma strengthens her skill set

I joined Belina GRoW in late March as a Social Media Officer through the Kickstart programme. After leaving University, I ...
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Hemamali reaches for her goal

Hemamali came to GROW at the beginning of June, looking to get back to work. She has been an active ...
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Binta starts a new job as a Schools Catering Assistant

After being on furlough for a year Binta had to find new work when her Coffee Shop employer was forced ...
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Kuhenara is back in work

Kuhenara was out of work for 14 years and came to GRoW after unsuccessfully applying for jobs for more than ...
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Alexandra GRoWs in Confidence

Alexandra joined GRoW after being out of work for five years to bring up her daugher.  She applied for an ...
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Jummana joins Primark

Jummana was referred to GROW via the jobcentre in April and from day 1 she has been an active GRoW participant, engaging in every support ...
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Chanel Kickstarts a new Career

Chanel joined GRoW in May of this year and has now started work as a Virtual Sales Consultant promoting the ...
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Zeynab starts a new job as a Customer Service Desk Manager

After being furloughed and then made redundant from her job at Heathrow due to the pandemic Zeynab was referred to ...
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James joins the Employability Sector

James came to GRoW at the start of 2021 looking for a new career that would fit around his family ...
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