If you have young children you can help their transition into childcare

Take it step by step, says Liz Sewell of Belina

It is never too soon to get your child used to you being out and about. They will learn that they are fine when another adult looks after them and that experience will help them later on.

As long as the person looking after your children knows and cares for them, and you have confidence in them, trips out will help you and your kids get used to being apart. In time they will see it as a natural part of life.

It is important for children, as they grow, to be able to build relationships with other adults. When you are apart, you get time for yourself and your child get’s attention from another adult and the chance to build another relationship – it is a win-win situation

Peekaboo games – these help very young children understand that things go away and then they come back again.

Leave your child with a trusted friend – go out and do something interesting for yourself for an hour or two. When you come back show that it was a good thing. Don’t be guilty, be pleased with your child and yourself. Bring your child back an ingenious present – a shiny conker or a red leaf. A bird’s feather.

Use a crèche at a session – your child may be stressed at first, but crèche workers are trained and confident to help young children feel safe and secure. We find that it is often using a creche on a regular basis that gives a parent confidence to go back to work. For more on this check out what Sandra and Hyacinth the creche workers at Evelyn Children’s Centres say.

Create a proper goodbye ritual – When you do finally leave your children to go to work remember that it is often the parent who is more distressed than the child. Even a crying child. Children in good quality childcare will soon find something exciting and fun to do. Work with the staff, say goodbye to your child properly and reassure them you will return. And every once and a while, a small treat is in order, to show that when you go out to work, everyone benefits.

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