Don’t just settle for a job because it seems to be the right hours

Says Gosia Banach of the Masbro Centre

When working with parents we try to empower them to find out what they really want to do in terms of their occupation. We have found that many parents, especially mums, initially come to us with questions on how to get a job in a nursery or school, as this seems to appear to them as an easy and ‘natural’ option.

Providing as much support as needed, we work with parents to deeply analyse their skills, needs, strengths and passion, to help them in finding out relevant information, consequently to see whether the conclusion leads to a job as a nursery nurse or teaching assistant, or perhaps other options. So far we have had many success stories, from parents who successfully moved into employment as teaching assistants or nursery nurses but also some who successfully gained bookkeeping qualifications, opened their own business or went on to study nursing. They proved that it is worth it to reach for ones dreams, as with hard work all dreams become achievable.

Masbro Centre has been delivering employment support programmes for over 10 years supporting residents of Hammersmith and Fulham back into jobs and training. This includes working closely with Masbro Children’s Centre where, through one-to-one sessions and group workshops we work hard to help local parents to get back to work, upgrade their skills, find suitable training or work placements and in many cases to re-gain confidence to return to employment. This sometimes proves to be a complex process involving parents being supported not only by employment team but also other programmes at Masbro, especially adult learning, volunteering, parenting, or outreach support.

We have had real success with parents who started at our Parents Job Club, run in partnership with Belina who also run the GRoW network.

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