Nasrine’s Journey from Engagement to Education


In September 2023, Nasrine joined the GRoW Community in September after learning about the GRoW Programme at her daughter’s school in Hillingdon. With a young daughter in Year 1 and a son in Year 5 she felt that the time was right for her to start thinking about moving into education or work and has actively engaged in learning opportunities to work towards her goal of becoming a Teaching Assistant.

Nasrine said “I’m so pleased I made the decision to join GRoW. It has opened up so many opportunities for me to explore and it has strengthened my motivation to take every step I need to achieve my dream career.

I came to the UK 10 years ago from Algeria where I worked in a laboratory related to the production of medicine, it wasn’t related to my studies at University, which was in finance, but it did give me lots of customer service experience.  When I lived in Slough I did an Early Years course at a college which made really think about teaching as a career path. I always remember the teacher talking about the impact of the relationship between an adult and a child and the importance of being a good role model and this stuck with me. When I became a mother the experience further impacted my career aspirations.  I discovered I had a passion for education when we moved from Slough to Hayes, and I spent some time home-educating her. I found it really interesting how being engaged with children’s learning can have such a positive impact on their lives and make such a difference and it gave me a dream to aspire to.

I was aware that having not worked for 10 years, or in the UK, my CV would be lacking, so before joining GRoW I enrolled on a Functional Skills Maths and English course and also with an IT course at the Harlington Centre in Hillingdon.  Currently, I am also doing a course about understanding challenging behaviour in children but when I joined the GRoW Programme I found out about other courses I could do which would help me on my journey.  What I love about GRoW is the way they make it easy to see what is available and what type of learning will be best suited to my goals. I know how important some qualifications can be to finding a job, even volunteering positions, and so having that support to choose the right course is so valuable. I am currently in the process of enrolling on a Level 2 Teaching Assistant course through GRoW which is essential to equip me with the skills and knowledge needed to work in this role. Kaneez also made me aware of an Autism Awareness course that I could do and I am planning to do this after the Teaching Assistant course as I really feel that having that extra and more in-depth understanding will help me gain even stronger skills and knowledge.

GRoW isn’t just about getting people into work, it’s much more than that. The team help you navigate the right educational routes and give you a sense of direction and purpose. They help you understand what is important, how to present yourself at an interview, how to sell your skills to an employer, and they give you confidence and motivation to drive forward. They have helped shape a path for me so I can see how far I’ve progressed and what route I need to take next. It’s like a roadmap and I’m on my journey to success.”

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