Meet the New Belina Grow Team


Here we are:  ready to support women across London get ready for work.

What makes us different? – We live our programme every day  – we are women who want to help other women combine work and family life. Our commitment is to ensure that we support people to get the best for both their family and their career. Together we work on four ESF funded projects in West and South London.

Introducing the team

From left to right

Anila works in West London on engagement – going out to schools, adult education centres, and children’s centres. With four children under ten she knows just what it is like to be a busy mum and work. Anila attended a Belina Grow programme at the MacMillan Children’s Centre in Hillingdon before joining the organisation in June. ‘I thought it would be too difficult to combine getting a job with bringing up my family, but it isn’t. I work full out part time and still have the time I need to be with my family.’ 

Isabel has just finished her degree at Oxford University and is doing a part-time work placement looking at engaging large employers to support our participants.

Heather is our comms wiz looking to see how we can use social and old school media to engage with partners and participants. As a communications consultant she works with different organisations sharing her expertise combining this with her family life.

Ahila is taking on the Administration – making sure we don’t just meet our targets – we get the paper work done too. If you work on ESF funded projects you will understand why this is important. She helps to run the Empowering Tamil Women Project in Croydon and attended a Belina Grow programme.

Mercedes worked with Belina for five years and remains as a Senior Facilitator. Mercedes has helped support participants with the most complex needs move forwards. She attended a Belina Grow programme in Islington in 2012, with her son than aged three and soon joined Liz as the company’s first employee. She has been a bedrock of the organisations development. “I just want to get our there and support people – I love our group sessions where we can share our ideas and help each other”

Liz is our Director and works across our four programmes in London. She set up Belina ten years ago and is delighted to be working with all these amazing women. ‘I always wanted Belina to be a model of how women can work and bring up their family and this group is showing that it can be done.’

Bismi is working in South London on engagement and understanding what women from BAME communities want to do and how to help them get ready to work. She is part of the Empowering Tamil Women group and attended the Belina Grow programme there. She has already developed our work with local schools as a parent volunteer.

Abigail, who took the picture, is working on employer engagement and supporting people into work in South London. She joined in May 2017 and is helping us focus on what employers want and helping our candidates prepare their applications and interviews.



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