Breakthrough for Belina – Case Study: Hillingdon

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So far this year we have developed two key strands of our approach of community outreach – identifying women who do not usually use community services and work in Children’s Centres.


We have attended a lot of local events and centres:

  • Nestles Avenue CC, Hillingdon
  • Barra Hall CC, Hillingdon
  • Charville Children’s Centre, Hillingdon
  • Botwell Green Library, Hillingdon Women’s Day Event
  • Charville Library, Hillingdon
  • Randolph Beresford Children’s Centre H&F
  • Fulham Central Children’s Centre
  • Hillingdon Women’s Day Event


In January we received confirmation that our base children’s centre, Uxbridge College, was to close in March. This was a blow to our programme but on the positive side it meant that we needed to gain a new foothold in the Borough.

We held meetings with staff members at the council, the Hillingdon Women’s Centre and other Children’s Centres.

We now have a weekly residency at the Women’s Centre, a new Bengali Women’s group and will be running a GRoW programme at McMillan Children’s Centre from April 2017.

We have nearly 20 people on Hanlon.

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