How am I working from home with my family there?

by Tosin Beckley, GRoW Team Member
Well as for my first week with the ongoing pandemic that is happening, the first thought I had was how am I going to work comfortably from home with my family there?!
Don’t get me wrong, I love my family dearly, but to actually sit and get on with my work was definitely going to be a challenge!
I wanted to try and keep up with the same routine but my 4 year old daughter always has something to tell or ask me! Bless her. Fortunately I have my younger sister and brother at hand to help her with school work and thank goodness for Joe Wicks P.E session (which I should have joined in as well – but I will one of these days) 😁
Happy to say, during this first week of isolation, I was able to get work done and I have enjoyed working from home – I can get a good view of my garden, have my meals prepared and go for a walk which is nice…. However I don” t know what I’ll be saying or how I will be feeling in the next couple of weeks ahead…..
Hope you all had a great weekend

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