Fahimeh finds a retail job

Fahimeh came to GRoW after having a break from work to raise her two young children.  Whilst at home, Fahimeh has continued to study and add to her skills and qualifications and has now found a local job whilst she is studying for her final exam.

Fahimeh said “Before I had my children I worked in my home country and also here in the UK as a Bookkeeper and even though I already have a degree I have continued with my studies and am on my final accountancy exam at the moment.  My aim is to go back to bookkeeping or accountancy work at some point but being on the GRoW Programme has opened my eyes to new opportunities.

Through GRoW I have taken part in a range of workshops including the Preparing to Work in Schools programme which introduced me to the possibilities of working in a school and the fact that it could fit around my family life.  I had not considered working in a school before but am now keen to look into jobs such as a Midday Supervisor or any office, admin or accountancy role.

I also attended the GRoW Your Own Business Programme with Mercedes Grant and it made me think about whether I could consider opening a business, I am a keen baker and I thought this could be something I could do in the future when I have more time, I lead a very busy life at the moment, looking after my children and also with my studying.

Before I joined GRoW and also throughout, I have searched and applied for jobs but GRoW advised me of new websites and places to search, especially for school-related jobs.

Although I already had a CV I went on the GRoW CV Workshop and Sonia recreated it for me and made it much better.

I came across a job at ASDA which I applied for online. I filled in an application form and went through an assessment and was then offered the job after a short interview.  The job is 12 hours per week working 3 evenings a week and at the moment it is working well for me as I need to work right now.  I have lots of opportunities available to me and I am grateful to GRoW for opening my eyes up to the different types of jobs I can do, and especially how certain jobs can fit in better around my young family.”

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