Kirti aims for career progression

Kirti had been looking for a job for 4 years and recently started work as a Part Time Sensory Analyst. She is now looking to progress in her career with a role that makes better use of her skills and with better pay.

Kirti said “I have a three year old daughter and first heard about GRoW through her nursery and also through a friend who was already on the GRoW programme.  I was actively looking for work at the time, having been out of work for 4 years.  Kaneez from GRoW got in contact with me to tell me how GRoW could help but it just so happened that at the same time I contacted GRoW I was also offered a part time job that I had recently applied for.

The job is an External Sensory Analyst which involves product testing for an international company. It is a part time position and although I am enjoying it I really want to look for a role within a similar field that allows me the opportunity to better use my skills and experience.  I have an MSc in Analytical Chemistry and have worked for the Flavor and Fragrance Industry throughout my career and have a lot of experience of research and development.

Even though I am in work GRoW have still been supporting me to progress further and strive for more.  I have been attending the GRoW Workshops to improve my CV and Interview Skills which have been really helpful.  I took part in a mock interview with Sonia where she ran through a range of questions with me, prompting me to use different words to make my answers more impactful and giving me an insight into the types of questions that might come up in a real interview.  My next event to attend is the Job Search Workshop as now I have my new improved CV I am looking forward to applying for new jobs.

Since coming to GRoW I feel far more confident about my prospects.  The way they have supported me has made me feel calmer about applying for jobs.  I had a fear inside me before, always questioning whether what I was writing on my CV or saying in an interview was wrong or right but the advice they have given me has really boosted my confidence.  I feel I have the tools now to be able to confidently apply for jobs but what is great is knowing that the GRoW Team is still there to support me if I get stuck. “

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