Sosan increases her pay and working hours

Sosan was referred to GRoW from the Job Centre in 2019 when she had been out of work and was keen to get a job.  With GRoW’s support Sosan found a job and more recently we have helped progress her into a new job where her hours and pay have been increased.

Sosan said “I have learned so much from GRoW.  The support they have given me has enabled me to not only find a job that I enjoy and works really well for me and my family but with their support on their In-Work Programme I am now earning more and working more hours.

When I first came to GRoW they helped me learn how best to apply for a job, helping me with online applications and cover letters.  Sonia developed a much better CV for me and it gave me so much more confidence because I knew when I was applying for jobs that I was getting my message across and I felt I had a much better chance that employers would find my CV interesting.  After I got my new CV and was applying for jobs I was finding that I was being offered interviews quite often and that I was even being offered jobs, most of the time I wasn’t able to work the hours they required but it was a big boost for my confidence that employers wanted me.

A friend told me about a job at a Care Home for a Kitchen Assistant which, even though I had no experience, was something I was interested in as I knew how to cook, I had just not done it as a job before.  I applied for the job and was delighted when I got an interview.  Even though my English is OK, I was a bit worried about how I would come across in the interview, particularly whether I would answer their questions properly.  I was worried that I might not be able to explain myself as well as I could.  Sonia really helped support me with this by listening to what I wanted to say and then telling me exactly how I should say it.

It made me feel so much more confident and once I did the interview I was offered the job. They gave me on the job training and I have been working as a Kitchen Assistant there for 2 years and really enjoy it.

A few months ago GRoW helped me to get my pay and hours increased.  Originally I was only doing around 16 hours a week but they gave me the push I needed to do more and earn more.  They helped me apply for more hours and I now have a contract that gives me a minimum of 24 hours a week which is perfect for me.  I am really grateful to GRoW for all their help as I now have a job I really enjoy, is quite local to where I live, fits in with my family and pays me more too!”

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