Mehwish gets back to work


Mehwish came to GRoW after losing her Nursery job during the pandemic.  After being supported by the GRoW Programme Mehwish now has a part-time job as a Childcare Assistant at a private nursery, has been studying a Level 1 Childcare qualification and is about to start a Level 2.

Mehwish said; “Before Covid I had been working in a Nursery but was out of work for a long time after I lost my job. I was referred to GRoW early last year and was very happy to be working with my GRoW Advisers Kaneez and Saeema who were so supportive and friendly.  They made me feel very comfortable and it was great to know that there was someone there to support me to get back into work.

The main issue I had been experiencing with my job search was in accessing the online platforms such as the job sites.  This is an area I really struggled with before coming to GRoW but Kaneez and Saeema helped me with this, showing me exactly what to do and being there on the end of the phone whenever I called.

As I had no qualifications at the time I was looking mainly for catering or childcare jobs, especially as I had experience of working in a nursery already.  GRoW helped me to improve my CV and I did some interview practice with Sonia which was really helpful as it gave me a confidence boost and the motivation to get out there.  Once equipped with my new CV and feeling so much more positive about myself I registered with an agency and found a part time job working as a Childcare Assistant.  I then went on to enrol for a Level 1 Childcare qualification which I am due to finish next week and then I am going to study for a Level 2.

I am really happy to be working again and now with my qualification I feel really settled on childcare work as a chosen career.  I am very grateful for the support GRoW have given me and am looking forward now to starting my new course and developing myself further.”

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