Manjulata GRoWs her confidence

Manjulata came to GRoW in January 23 on the Academies Programme. Having not worked in the UK since moving from India 5 years ago Manjulata needed some support to build her confidence and employability skills before taking the next step to apply for jobs.

Manjulata said; “I have two children, the youngest of which is only 17 months and so ideally I would really like to work part-time hours to fit around my family.  I have been looking for retail positions mainly as this is something I am interested in doing but as part-time jobs are not always available I am willing to consider full-time positions too.

Since coming on to the GRoW Programme I have learned so much and feel I have grown a lot in my confidence.  I was very nervous when I first joined and quite anxious about how I should start the process of getting a job. I had no idea how to do a CV, apply for a job or take part in an interview but I have taken advantage of all the different events and learning at GRoW, such as the CV, Job Searching and Interview Workshops and the support I’ve received from the GRoW Team has made me feel far more positive about my prospects.

When I first saw my CV after going on the CV Workshop with Sonia I was so happy to think that the words on the paper were about me! I had never thought about my transferrable skills before and just how much I already know. Sonia knew exactly how to get everything out of me and word it in exactly the right way to present the best of me to a prospective employer.

The GRoW app is a brilliant resource for everything to do with getting a job.  Not just the jobs vacancies you see on there but also the other posts, such as motivational messages.  I learned about the Uxbridge Jobs Fair on the GRoW app and when I went along to it I met new people who introduced me to different companies that were hiring. I check the app every morning to see what’s going on with events and other things, it’s just so useful to have information so readily available whenever you need it.

Being part of the GRoW Programme has been a fantastic experience for me. I have grown as a person and no longer feel I am nervous of anything. In fact, I have an interview for a Warehouse Operative job at Heathrow this week and don’t feel nervous at all!

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