Afsath Sets Her Sights on Becoming a Teaching Assistant

Afsath recently joined the GRoW programme in July of this year after learning about the opportunities it offers mums to get ready for work. As a mother of three children Afsath was thinking about getting a job when her youngest starts school in a year’s time and is now enrolled on a Teaching Assistant Course for September.

Afsath said “Being part of GRoW has been an exciting opportunity for me to not only learn about how to get a job but to also connect with other English-speaking people. I’ve never had a chance to do anything like this before and it has opened up doors to new people and new prospects for me.

Through GRoW I learned about the chance to do a Level 2 Teaching Assistant course which will begin this September at Newham College and I am really looking forward to it. Having young children means that working in a school is a very good opportunity for me due to the term-time working hours it offers. Once my youngest child starts school next September and I have completed the course my plan is to then start applying for jobs straight away.

I have found a lot of support from the GRoW team and also through the GRoW app and even though I have only recently joined GRoW I can already see the many opportunities I will have to participate in events such as their weekly coffee mornings and other training programmes.  Attending the Newham picnic as part of the #GRoWSuccessfulSummer campaign was a wonderful experience for me and my children and a great place to meet fellow GRoW Community members in similar circumstances to me.  I also got to meet some of the GRoW Adviser Team in person and talk about the different ways they can support me

The GRoW team have been really helpful and supportive in so many ways, helping me develop a CV helping me identify areas for improvement. My aims are now firmly set on my future goal of working in a school and aspiring to become a Teaching Assistant.

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