A new approach – one to one meeting with local employment agencies

Tosin joined the GRoW Team in March this year as our Employment First Worker, providing support to the women who have been through the GRoW programme and are actively looking for work. 

Tosin said “In my role as Employment First Keyworker my main role is helping women get back to work by helping to complete application forms, carry out mock interviews with them and help build their confidence to find work but I also see them regaining their self-worth and it couldn’t be more rewarding.

I wanted to develop a new way of energising the people I support and so I decided that I would accompany the ladies out into the world of employment, visiting recruitment and employment agencies with them.  It pleased me very much that they found it very helpful – even though they felt nervous and anxious, they went with their heads held high!

One client, Lina was nervous but as soon as we walked into the first Recruitment Agency and we introduced ourselves she started to feel at ease. Lina felt that the Deputy Manager there was very thorough and friendly and was able to give good advice.  After leaving the office, Lina was feeling more confident and motivated to go on to other recruitment agencies. Even though she felt slightly anxious with a few agencies due to their fast pace, it didn’t stop her from introducing herself with a smile on her face.

Lina said that she would recommend the experience to other ladies on the Grow Programme as it would help build their confidence and self esteem, give them more social awareness and a chance of securing a job as the end result!


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