La Teisha plans for the future

La Teisha came to the GRoW Programme as she was considering her prospects of returning to work in the future but needed some help getting started.

La Teisha said “I was referred to GRoW from my local Children’s Centre as I was interested in looking at future opportunities of returning to work.  I have previous experience in catering and I’m keen on the idea of setting up my own business in this line of work.  I have a 22 month old daughter though, so it’s not something I am looking to do right now but I want to prepare myself for when the time is right.

Liz Sewell from GRoW signed me up to a range of courses, the CV writing course was really helpful and also I went on the GRoW Your Own Business Course that gave me some great ideas about how I can go about setting up my  own business in the future.

Another course I went on was the Financial Course.  This was so useful and helped me so much as I really feel I know so much more now than I did before.

To take part in the courses I needed to arrange for Childcare and Liz helped to arrange it with me.  It was hard at first as I had never had childcare for my daughter before but it did get easier and it allowed me the time to take part in the courses and improve my skills and knowledge.

Liz also provided some help with my housing provider as I wanted to visit my father who lives in the Carribbean and was ill.  Liz wrote a letter for me and they allowed me to take a week away which was lovely as I had not seen him in 10 years and he had not had the chance to meet my daughter.

I would recommend other people do the GRoW Programme because it is such a positive experience.  There’s been times when I’ve felt a bit down but I feel so much better when speaking to the people from GRoW, they are so upbeat and it has really helped me feel that I am on a journey to being able to achieve what I want in the future.”

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