Pawandeep Prepares to Work in a School

Pawandeep had been working at a hospital in a housekeeping role at weekends and was referred to GRoW in 2022 for help to increase her hours. With support from GRoW she has now completed a Level 3 Teaching Assistant qualification and is volunteering at a local school with the aim of taking up a new part-time position.

Pawandeep said “My job coach referred me to the GRoW Programme, explaining that they have specialist skills in supporting lone parents into work. I had been working a weekend job but needed to increase my hours for Universal Credit.  As a single parent I needed to make sure I had a job that would fit around my daughter and after speaking with Kaneez I became interested in the prospect of working in a school.

I have a Masters degree in history which I gained in my home country but I learned through

GRoW’s Preparing to Work in Schools workshop that to be successful in applying for Teaching Assistant jobs I need to have some relevant experience and qualifications. GRoW found a relevant course for me to do with ABM Training called Teaching and Support Learning and I started last September.  As a Level 3 qualification, part of the training includes a work placement and I was fortunate to land a volunteering opportunity at my daughter’s school. I’m really enjoying it and have been combining it with my studies and my weekend work at the hospital. I have now completed the qualification and the final stage is for my tutor to meet with me for an observation and then hopefully I will be certificated. I have really enjoyed the course from start to finish. The tutor was very good and every week we have an online class. I have completed 11 assignments and 100 hours of volunteer work for the placement and it has given me lots of knowledge and experience to now get a job.  My next step after receiving my certificate will be to apply for a part-time position as a Teaching Assistant so that I can continue with my weekend work and then eventually move to full time working in a school.  The school I have been volunteering in have asked me to let them know when I am certificated so they can put me forward for any job opportunities.

As well as the Level 3 course GRoW enrolled me on a Food and Hygiene course which I successfully completed as this is also a good qualification to have when looking for a job in a school. I have also attended the GRoW Coffee Mornings, which were beneficial and the GRoW App has been a great source of information and advice too.

Without GRoW’s guidance I wouldn’t be where I am now. I didn’t have the support before to learn what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be. The GRoW team have supported me through all of it, increasing my confidence and helping me find the right training and the right career that works for me and my daughter.

Anitha GRoWs her Career Aspirations

Anitha came to the GRoW Programme in the summer of 2023, looking for support in her journey back to work after an 8 year break. In GRoW she has gained new confidence and motivation and is now looking for a future career as a Teaching Assistant.

Anitha said “I joined GRoW in June 2023 and took part in the Preparing to Work in Schools programme which I found really interesting.  I used to lack confidence, especially in speaking English, but I decided to improve by taking online English lessons which I have been doing for over a month now and finding really good.

Before coming to the UK from India 4 years ago I worked as a teacher in a school so restarting my career as a Teaching Assistant would be a good opportunity for me. I have two young children aged 6 and 2 so term-time working is also better for me and my family.

Being part of the GRoW programme has been a great experience for me. I got lots of support from the team members – Sheeja and Saeema who helped me attend a Learning Assessment at a Community Centre in Hillingdon,  Sheeja and Sonia helped me create a strong CV and conducted a mock interview with me giving me more confidence and GRoW Director Liz supported me a lot, recognising me with two GRoW digital badges, one for contributing to the GRoW #SuccessfulSummer campaign and the other for being a GRoW App Ambassador. The GRoW app has become my go-to resource for job information, interview tips, and CV help, I especially like the Jobs Bulletin and Star Jobs but there’s so much advice on the app and so much to learn. I have been really active on the app, posting information for other GRoW members to read and I even won the summer photo competition for a craft I created (see above). It was a big boost to my confidence and I really enjoyed taking part.

Now, my goal is to keep improving my English and enrol in a teaching assistant course at the Thirteen Learning Centre and to apply for more teaching assistant jobs.

GRoW has given me the confidence and support I need to pursue my dreams and proves that with determination and support, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I’m really excited for what the future holds for me.

Pushpa’s Hospitality Placement Brings Picnic Success

Pushpa joined the GRoW Programme in May 2023, looking for help to begin her journey to work. As a mother to two young children Pushpa wanted a term-time job that enabled her to fit work around her children. She attended the GRoW Preparing to Work in Schools programme at West Drayton Academy in Hillingdon and is currently undertaking a hospitality work placement at Belina GRoW.

Pushpa said: “I first came to GRoW when the team were delivering training at West Drayton Academy in Hillingdon. I was thinking about going back to work but was unsure about how to go about it. I have a Masters Degree in Agriculture from the Department of Agronomy in my home country of India and was originally looking for work related to my qualifications but there are not many opportunities in that field that are local to me. I have two young children and so I need to ensure my work fits around my family which is why I attended GRoW’s Preparing to Work in Schools Programme, to explore the idea of working as a Teaching Assistant. I have volunteered at a Childrens Centre and also worked in customer services with McDonalds and through the GRoW Programme I have attended many courses to improve my employability opportunities such as the CV and Interview Workshops. The GRoW Coffee Mornings have been particularly interesting and I have developed networks with agencies who are helping to support me in looking for local jobs.

I was really pleased when Liz Sewell, Director of the GRoW Programme selected me for a work placement, supporting GRoW with their #SuccessfulSummer23 Event programme. I was given the responsibility of helping to organise the GRoW Picnics, promoting the programme and helping on the hospitality side, arranging the activities for the children, providing refreshments, setting up the event and cleaning up afterwards. It was such a great event and everyone had a good time. We had almost 60 adults and children who came along for a fun day out and to meet the members of the GRoW Team in person. They had the opportunity to talk about any concerns they have as well as future plans and to get together in one place with other members of the GRoW Community to build friendships and networks.  All the women were in similar situations so it was lovely to be able to informally chat and support each other.  I arranged lots of the activities with the children and posted content on the GRoW App to encourage people to attend.  It was great to have so many people there, sharing their stories and experiences about the GRoW Programme. We even had some of GRoW’s former participants in attendance who spoke about how GRoW helped them secure placements in schools and other jobs – it was very motivating and inspiring to hear how much they had grown and achieved.

Being on the Hospitality Work placement has given me more skills and experiences to add to my CV and my aim is to continue to apply for jobs and take advantage of the information that GRoW sends out on the app and the weekly Jobs Bulletins.  Being part of GRoW has really boosted my confidence and having the GRoW App gives me access to a community which is really invaluable. I’m so pleased to be part of it.”

Samreen Achieves Her Dream Job

Samreen, has been the longest participant on the GRoW Programme, joining us in 2018 when she was thinking about going back to work. Samreen, who used to work in the retail sector has now found work as a Teaching Assistant after a 12 year break to raise her children.

Samreen said “I am so happy to now be working again and doing a job that I have wanted to do for many years now.  I am so thankful to the GRoW Team for all of their help in motivating me and helping me believe that I would finally get there.  This is exactly what I have been aiming for and I can’t quite believe I’ve done it!

I used to work in retail but I have always wanted to work in education. When I was young I did a BTEC in software development and I used to teach students at Uxbridge College before my son was born and I gave up work. I have two children but not much family support around me so working in.a school with term-time hours is perfect for me and my family. Once I started thinking about going back to work I started to do some training courses and I was doing a Level 2 Teaching Assistant course when I enrolled onto the GRoW Programme.  Through GRoW I continued to upskill, doing courses such as the ‘Preparing to work in Schools’, the Job Search Workshop and CV and Interview Skills Workshops with Sonia.  I also did a First Aid course with GRoW, the Level 2 IEP Sector Induction for employability professionals and a course that focused on children’s mental health and behavioural issues. These courses were fantastic and really helped to boost my CV as well as giving me so many insights into how to get the sort of job I wanted.  I also worked as a volunteer for a year at my daughter’s school in Hillingdon which was a great experience and helped me see in practice what a Teaching Assistant job actually entailed.

Starting the process of going back to work after 12 years was hard at first as so much has changed since I last worked, for example job applications used to be on paper whereas now everything is online – there is a lot to learn! Being part of GRoW has made an enormous amount of difference to my confidence.  The team members have helped me to believe in myself and to also be resilient when I have gone for interviews but not got the job. It was hard sometimes applying for jobs and putting in a lot of effort to then not hear anything or be told I didn’t get the job. Before getting this job I must have applied for more than 100 jobs and trying so hard and seeing other people around me get jobs but not me was disheartening. I am thankful though for the support of the GRoW Team Members, as each of them played a special role in keeping me motivated and spurring me on.

The GRoW app was my favourite part of GRoW. Whoever made it and keeps it updated does an amazing job as it is so busy all of the time, with so much useful content.  Having everything in one place on the app meant I always knew what was going on. I would get a schedule of the week’s events on a Monday, a jobs bulletin every Thursday with jobs for me to apply to and updates and advice in between. I used to organise my week around it, attending the different events and applying for jobs, it’s a fantastic resource.

I can’t put into words how overjoyed I felt when I was offered the Teaching Assistant job, I was literally in tears. I had two interviews for it and after the second one they called me straight away to give me the good news. The school has a number of young people with social emotional and mental health needs and the first interview was conducted by the students and the second interview by the management. It was a really different way of holding an interview and I so glad the kids liked me and thought I would be right for the job! I started in June and it is a full time position, 32 hours a week. I support all of the children in the class and provide one-to-one support for the children with additional needs. I am loving every minute of the job, it is so fulfilling.

I am really grateful to GRoW for their support over the years and for never giving up, they put so much effort into everyone to help them achieve their goals.”

Hillingdon parents get support to get ready for work

Rozina, a family support worker at Yeading School runs Community House, a space for school parents and the local community to come together and get support from one another.  Following the pandemic Rozina became aware that many of the parents who were coming to Community House were struggling with confidence and financial issues and were in need of more support. The rising cost of living and a recent change to the cap on Universal Credit had further exacerbated their anxiety and many of the parents she supports were actively looking to get a job to help support their family.

Rozina reached out to her local Adult Education Centre who put her in touch with Saeema at the GRoW Programme to see if they could offer support to parents in helping them raise their confidence and to equip them with any employability skills they were lacking.

Rozina said; “At Community House we are dedicated to helping people from the community move forward in their lives and we offer a place for them to come together, meet and discuss their worries and concerns and get support from one another. When I spoke with Saeema at GRoW and she explained what the programme offers I invited her to come and speak at one of our Coffee Mornings. Many of the women we support face challenges to employment such as language barriers or not having worked before but GRoW are experienced in working with people from all backgrounds, with a special focus on supporting women, and Saeema was able to get a lot of engagement.  At our first Coffee Morning with GRoW we had 25 women enrol who were interested in getting a job which was a great success.

The ladies who joined the GRoW Programme were given a wide range of support, from job searching workshops, help to build their CVs and interview practice as well as help in building their confidence and prepare for work. It has had a very positive impact with some of the parents already securing jobs or training.  I have one parent who has 5 children who has joined the GRoW Programme and I saw her recently and she was so happy – it is making a real difference to the confidence of the parents I support and it is great to see.”

Rozina is a regular face at Community House and is continuing to enrol more parents on to the GRoW programme so that parents can receive one to one support. which she says is needed more now than ever due to the cost of living crisis. She is hopeful that Community House will be able to continue working with GRoW to give this important support to parents and the extended community to help more people improve their lives.

Raisa Finds Her Way: From No Job Experience to Job-Ready!

Raisa came to GRoW at the beginning of 2023 after a GRoW advert sparked her interest in getting a job in a school. With no previous work experience Raisa was apprehensive about her prospects but is now confident about her future and on the way to achieving her goal.

Raisa said; “I have always wanted to work with children but I have not had a job before or had any work or voluntary experience and had no idea how to even start looking for a job.  When I saw the GRoW leaflet explaining they had a programme to help mums get work in schools it was something I was really interested in doing. The fact that the leaflet was in my son’s school bag also made me feel more reassured that it was a programme that I could trust.  If it hadn’t been for that link with the school I don’t think I would ever have signed up!

The GRoW Preparing to Work in Schools Programme took place at the Sheringham Childrens Centre in Newham and it consisted of 4 separate face-to-face sessions.  I attended every session and found it so helpful.  I learned so many new things such as what I needed to do to get work and which courses I should do.  I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science that I gained in India but working in a company isn’t something I want to do and what I learned on the GRoW Programme is that if I want a job in a school then I need some relevant work experience, even if it is just on a voluntary basis.

I have looked at different types of school jobs and was at first thinking of pursuing a career as a Teaching Assistant but as I have two young boys I can’t work full-time yet and so have set my sights on SMSA roles for now.  GRoW enrolled me onto an online Safeguarding course which I am doing at the moment and when I finish I am going to do a Food and Hygiene course which will be really useful if I ever want to get a job as an SMSA Supervisor.

As I had never even looked for a job before I went to the GRoW Job Searching Workshop where Sonia introduced me to all the different job websites I could go on.  I also did a CV Workshop with Sheeja and have created my first ever CV which was an interesting process!  I never realised that the work I do with my children such as helping with homework or teaching English and Maths in preparation for my older son’s 11+ is something I could include in a CV as transferrable skills. It made me realise all the different things I do and what skills I already possess.

The GRoW app has been a fantastic resource for me.  We only did 4 in-person events on the Schools programme but the GRoW app keeps everyone connected so after the events we have been able to stay in touch through messaging on the app.  There is so much on there, daily lessons, jobs bulletins and upcoming events. All of the information is really useful and you can look at it in your own time – I usually scroll through it in the evenings when my boys are in bed.  I can see what is coming up the next day and it helps me prepare.

All the members of the GRoW team are so helpful, always supporting and encouraging me and I feel much more confident now in my abilities, Before coming to GRoW I didn’t know how to start, where to go to look, or what I needed to do. I have started looking regularly for jobs now and I think I have got a lot better at applications.  I really feel that I am halfway there now to achieving my goals and it’s all thanks to GRoW.


Sajida Lands a School SMSA Job

Sajada came to GRoW in February 2023 looking for assistance in finding a part-time job that would fit around her two young children.  She found inspiration at our Preparing to Work in Schools Workshop and has now been offered a job in a school as a School Meals Supervisory Assistant.

Sajada said; “I am an experienced and fully trained hairdresser but the Hairdressing Salons I was enquiring about jobs at were only offering full-time and weekend-working positions which are not convenient for me due to having young children to look after.  I knew I needed a part-time job and was looking for jobs all the time but it was hard to find something suitable with the right hours and flexibility.

A friend told me about GRoW and I went along to the GRoW HQ in Hillingdon where I met Khatera, who became my Adviser, and told her what I needed help with.  Khatera’s first step was to get me started on the GRoW app which opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me.

The GRoW app gave me so many ideas of what I could do and how to start my journey into work.  There were events I could book myself on to such as the CV and Interview Workshops and One to Ones as well as weekly Coffee Mornings.  I immediately booked myself on to everything available and from that point on I felt I was part of a community.  The Coffee Mornings are fantastic, every week there is a different guest speaker from a local organisation talking about a range of things such as different job opportunities and how to get work in different sectors.  I always made sure to attend these events because they offer such a wealth of knowledge as well as an opportunity to meet with other women on the programme and share experiences.

At an Interview One to One with GRoW’s Sonia Puri she suggested I look into school jobs as an option as she felt it would be a good move for me due to the term-time working hours that schools offer.  It wasn’t something I had thought about before and I had no idea where to look for school jobs as they had never come up in any of my previous job searches.  I went back to Khatera for help and she enrolled me onto GRoW’s Preparing to Work in School Workshop.  It was a great opportunity to find out what I needed to know about getting a job in a school.  Khatera then supported me in registering on to a dedicated schools job site called Crinkle which had lots of school jobs vacancies in my area and I applied for quite a few SMSA positions.  When I went along to the GRoW Coffee Morning that week I was thrilled to see that a representative from the Eden Academy, a school I had applied to earlier that week, was speaking and so I asked Khatera to mention my application and I was really pleased to receive an email a few days later offering me an interview.

To help me prepare, Sonia did a last minute practice interview with me the day before and we ran through a few scenarios that were likely to come up, including issues such as safeguarding.  This was so beneficial as when I went along to the interview I felt very confident, well-prepared and ready to answer any questions.  I put all the techniques I’d learned into practice and I obviously did a good job because I was offered the job!

Being on the GRoW Programme has been life-changing for me.  As a mother and wife we know lots of things and do lots of things but we often lack inspiration and the support to say ‘yes I can do that’. The encouragement and inspiration I’ve received from all the other ladies on the programme was fantastic; it taught me to believe in myself and to do what I want to do.

The GRoW app is also such a great tool to have, there is information for you to see from morning until night and it is all so useful!  When you are a mum and are in the home you are busy working all the time and can be oblivious to what is going on outside. The GRoW app connects you to everything that is happening around you and lets you see what is going on. The events are brilliant and through the GRoW app you can join what you want, when you want, really easily. I have been to so many GRoW events and wish I had the time to go to all of them as you take away so much knowledge from each one.  On the app you also get inspirational and motivational messages that put you in good spirits for the day. I often spend time in the evenings reading the articles and commenting on people’s posts and it feels very much like a community.

I start my new job in April and will be working Monday to Friday 11.30am until 2.00pm and I also plan to continue with my hairdressing part-time which fits in perfectly around my family. I’m really grateful to GRoW for all their help and especially for giving me back my self-belief.”

GRoW Wishes Maria All the Best on Her New Journey: Farewell, and Good Luck on Achieving Your Dream Job!

We were sad to see our GRoW Adviser Maria Beuca leave our team a few weeks ago to pursue a new career as a Recycling Officer for Hillingdon Council. Maria has been a valued member of the GRoW Team for over 2 years and has been an integral part of our team since coming through the Programme as a participant.  Though we are so sorry to see Maria go, we are also delighted for her as she enters this new chapter in her life.

We spoke to Maria about her time spent as a GRoW Employability Adviser, what she has learned along the way and what advice and insights she can share with GRoW participants.

What has been the best thing about working at GRoW?

So many things combined, and it is hard to pick just one thing. But to keep it short, I would say that being part of an amazing team of women who made working for GRoW fun and friendly, while also being professional; working with so many wonderful mothers and being able to understand their personal life stories, which helped very much in offering tailored support. I was happy to assist them to progress, alongside my colleagues and the work has been so rewarding and insightful for me.

What have you learned through your time at GRoW, personally and professionally?

When I first joined GRoW, I undertook training related to domestic violence and that really helped me to have the appropriate approach when speaking with mothers who went through abuse. It also opened my eyes into a complex subject I knew very little about.

My learning curve then began as an Adviser and I learned so many things in the process, such as learning the basics about the Employability Sector, learning about how to be a good Adviser, time management, about good employability skills for our participants, childcare options for mothers living in different London Boroughs, available support for single mothers, the importance of Adult Education services and local colleges to help mothers with gaining basic skills or accessing different courses, the importance of good management and peer support, the importance of good collaboration with other organisations, and so much more.

As time went by and after attending some great events, I gained a deeper understanding of the Employability Sector and the hard work taking place behind the scenes, as so many people and organisations have a main goal to support people going back into employment and education, looking at the complexity of the situation and trying to bring positive change in the sector, which will then influence people’s lives for the best.

I discovered a part of myself that was dormant for years, that of a working mother, and that was very refreshing and a boost for my self-confidence. I remembered that I wanted to achieve things in life outside of my household and that starting work after years of unemployment can sound daunting but actually, once the right opportunity arrives, it can have a positive impact on your life as a woman. I understood more about my existing skills, and I pushed myself to gain further skills along the way.

I also understood about myself that I am a feminist and that we, as mothers and women, should be kind and supportive to one another, as we share an intimate understanding of what it is like to be mothers and women.

I learned about diversity and the importance of keeping an open mind and have a non-judgemental approach towards everyone I meet.

When you first came to GRoW what were you looking to achieve, have you achieved what you wanted or have your goals and ambitions changed?

At first, I was part of the GRoW programme as a participant for about a year and then, when a job with GRoW became available and I applied, I was offered a part time job. I was quite lost in the beginning, due to a significant gap since my last employment, as well as working remote. But the team has kindly shifted me in the right direction and I have grown immensely in the last couple of years, since I started. I would say that I went from having very little expectations for myself, to feeling significantly confident in the work I was doing and what I had to offer to an employer, two years later.

What is the job that you are now going to be doing and is this something you have always wanted to do?

My hope (and passion) has always been to be able to work in a role where I would have the opportunity to create positive changes in matters related to socio-environmental issues – and I completed a master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Development in 2015. I realised shortly after that it would be very hard to get a job in this field without having previous sector-related experience. And yet here I am today, years later, and I can say I am part of a team which works hard to create positive change for the environment, as they try to promote and encourage various free recycling opportunities for all Hillingdon residents. It is an exciting role, and I am keen to start this new journey.

Is there anything you would like to say to GRoW participants about their learning journeys and any insights you can share?

There’s so many things I learned in the past years that I wish I could share with you all – but that would take too long to do here.:)  A few important things that helped me to progress:

  • Allow space and time to look after your general wellbeing. Improve your awareness of who you are – Mercedes’ workshops were like a wake-up call to me, several years ago, when I was feeling lost and I highly recommend attending them.
  • Push yourself to learn new things all the time. Improve your skills, step by step, especially your digital skills (it’s a digital world all around us) and if your dream job means starting a college degree or a university degree, it is never too late to do it.
  • Improve your networks – it can bring about various opportunities.
  • Attend the employability workshops and follow Sonia’s advice on how to prepare for an interview. I personally spent hours in preparing for my last interviews and I was successful in all of them. If I can, so can you.
  • Aim for more, don’t settle with low paid jobs or unsuitable working conditions, find out what you need to do to get a higher paid job, find out what you like to do and what you don’t like to do and make a list of suitable jobs. Review your application process with Sonia to make sure you increase your chances at being shortlisted for an interview.
  • Volunteering is amazing when you need to add experience on your CV.
  • Ask questions when you’re unsure of things, work hard for the things that you want to achieve.

I hope you will enjoy your journey with GRoW as much as I did. 😊

GRoW launch new employability programme to help support Ukrainian refugees into work

Training and Development specialists Belina GRoW are helping to support women who have fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine by helping them to find jobs across London. The new initiative, which began last week, is currently offering support to 30 women in the London Borough of Kingston by providing advice, help and guidance on childcare, job searching, careers and education as well as practical assistance on CV writing and interview skills.

Olena Sturrock who is leading on the programme said; “The biggest barrier to employment that most of the women are facing is with language.  Those who need it are currently undertaking ESOL courses at Kingston College to address this but whilst they are studying they still want to find work but have so far found it difficult to navigate the system. I am really pleased that through GRoW’s dedicated programme I am able to offer a helping hand to fellow Ukrainian’s by providing free translation services and access to specialist employability support from expert advisers who have extensive knowledge of how to support women who face multiple barriers into work.”

The women on the programme come from a wide variety of career backgrounds including accountancy, interior design, hairdressing, teaching and media with different levels of education (Levels 1-4 equivalent). Many however are unable to pursue similar jobs in the UK due to the differing skills, qualifications and language requirements and need help to learn employability techniques in the UK so they can find alternative jobs. Most of the women also have more than one child and need support to access childcare so that they are able to work.

Liz Sewell, Founder and Director of Belina GRoW said; “We specialise in supporting women with complex barriers to employment and we have a unique approach that focuses on raising their confidence and motivation.  Through this programme we are delighted to be able to help these women who have been displaced from their jobs in Ukraine and are trying to support themselves and their children through an extremely tough time in their lives.

Our programme offers practical and well-being support in a friendly and nurturing way and a space for them to come together with other Ukrainian women who are in a similar position so they can draw support from one another.  Our employability programme teaches them the tools and techniques they need to search and apply for jobs in the UK as well as interview practice, childcare advice and insights into the transferrable skills they possess.”

Our next Ukrainian Women’s Employability Event will focus on how to create an effective CV and how to prepare for an interview and will take place on 7th February on Zoom.  For more information contact

Syeda Sultana joins the GRoW Team

Belina GRoW are delighted to announce that Syeda Sultana has joined the GRoW team as our new Employability Support Worker and will be working with our in-work participants and our Bengali speaking participants.

Syeda brings with her a wealth of customer experience which she gained in her previous employment as a Post Office Branch Manager, a position she held for 11 years in branches of WHSmith’s including their flagship Oxford Street branch in London. She is also a former participant of the GRoW Programme having come to us for support to find a job when she was made redundant and became long-term unemployed.  Syeda is a mother to two children and also volunteers at a local school.

Speaking of her appointment Syeda said; “I am really excited about becoming a member of the GRoW Team.  Ever since I came to GRoW as a participant in July 2021 I have been constantly impressed with the organisation’s ethos and values.  Being given the opportunity to be part of the team is a huge achievement for me and I am so looking forward to beginning my journey as an Employability Support Worker, helping to support people to find work or progress in work.

Since coming on to the GRoW Programme I have been working to enhance my knowledge and skills through a range of training courses. I have completed a BTEC Level 1 in Customer Services with Twiin and gained a Level 1 Employability Certificate from Strive Training.  I have also started a Level 3 Teaching Assistant course with ABM and work in a school twice a week on a voluntary basis.  These learning opportunities have really helped to boost my confidence and employability skills and helped me think about the sort of career I want to do.

Being a mum it was really important for me to find a job that would allow me to work flexible hours and one of the many great things about Belina GRoW is that it is an organisation that not only acknowledges this, but also champions it.  All of the GRoW Team members work flexibly and have that complete understanding of what it means to be a working mum.  Joining GRoW is the ultimate dream for me as I can work term-time only and I can also work from home which gives me the freedom I need to be able to work around my family.”

Liz Sewell FIEP, Founder and Director of Belina GRoW said; “Syeda is a huge asset to our growing GRoW Team.  She has been an engaged and active participant throughout her journey on the GRoW Programme, always striving to improve and enhance her knowledge and her strong bi-language skills and customer service experience will be a real advantage when supporting our participants to find sustainable work or progress in work.

Our flexible working policy is enabling us to attract a high level of talent into our growing workforce and at the same time provide more opportunities for working mums to achieve a proper work/life balance. This is something we are really proud of and will continue to champion as an important employment choice.”