A message from our Team Member Michelle

Ok so we know about the C word because it’s all over the news, in the newspapers, and everywhere we go we are reminded of it due to our lives as we knew it, being changed dramatically.

Some may see it as an extra holiday, but others may be facing anxiety and stress and not coping well.

As for me, I’m still “adjusting”, myself. Still expected to homeschool while working from home in 1 job and still having to be contactable for job 2 and somehow still manage to get the supplies in with the madness at the supermarkets! It would be enough to send anyone potty! But on the contrary, I am in good spirits (at the moment)!!! When I feel myself going into the dumps – I remind myself of a few things –

1. This has never happened before in my life time and on the balance of probabilities, is unlikely to happen again in my lifetime. In that sense I am living through and making history. I mean just like we can read about the Great Plague of London in 1665, my great grandchildren will be reading about the Coronavirus of 2020.

2. Circumstances like this gives me time to focus on my priorities. In “normal” day to day living I am busy dashing around having to do multiple things and meet multiple obligations to the homes, children and work – ALL at the same time. It is a fine art and I do this well but this forced period of staying mainly within the confines of home, means I can take some much needed time to SLOW DOWN. Look at what is really important and what is nice but not so important – allowing me to spend more time on what actually means more to me. Like – more time connecting with the children, time for me to consider what it is that I want for myself and to begin working on it.

3. It is a great time to take up a hobby which in usual circumstances I don’t have the time to do.

4. What about learning a new skill? Many people are at home with children. How about doing activities together? The children will learn something too! That is my plan (when I can get to it)!!!!

5. One of the best ways to feel better is to help someone else. You may think your circumstances are terrible but there may be someone in a worse situation than you. If I can help those individuals, I help them and myself. There are neighbours and friends and family, other parents, that have welcomed any help that I’ve offered and just being in a position to give them the help that they need is a boost. If everyone has the same attitude towards other people, we can build a community where everyone is getting the support they need and in this way, we all inadvertently get what we need. There are lots of people offering support and requesting help – maybe we can all step up and take advantage of what’s on offer at the same time so we ALL benefit and get through these unusual circumstances.

REMEMBER GRoW is here to support you so reach out as and when you need. Every challenge has solutions!


Michelle Grenada-Bryan

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