Saida prepares for work with a GRoW Lockdown Training Course


Saida is on our GRoW Programme and is currently undertaking a GRoW Lockdown Training Course – Caring for Children and Young People Level 2.

Saida said “I am so happy to be part of the GRoW Programme, so much so that I am telling all my friends to join as I think it would really help them.

Being part of GRoW is so helpful for people like me that are looking to get back to work.    Anyone who wants to boost their confidence levels should join this programme because they can get help with getting a job and practical things like cv writing.  I worked before I came to this country but I had to stop because I am a single mum and it is difficult with a baby and not much support.  I was worried that having no experience in the UK would set me back when I am ready to work again but the GRoW Programme can help with things like references too.  Another thing I am taking advantage of during lockdown is by using the time to do an online course – Caring for Children and Young People Level 2.  I am interested in working with children particularly as I think this would be a good way of being able to work around my daughter, either by becoming a Childminder or working in a school where I can do term-time only hours.

It’s hard to manage everything by myself, caring for my baby by myself and doing everything on my own but doing this online course is making me feel more positive and confident about my future, it’s really giving me a lift. I may not be able to work for the next two years or so until my daughter is older but there’s nothing stopping me preparing myself now for when I am ready.  If I can I will try to do more courses.

Preparing myself for work is giving me confidence and making me feel more confident.  If I can do it then anyone can do it, you just need support and that is what I am getting from GRoW – they really motivate me!

As well as the online course I am also doing the GRoW your own Business Course with Mercedes Grant. It is really making me think and I am getting some ideas of work I could do for myself.  Mercedes is always there to give me advice too which is just great.

I am really pleased to be GRoW’s facebook winner this week and really pleased to be part of the Programme.




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