Tanika Upskills with a Coders Course

Tanika has completed both our GRoW Programme and our GRoW Your own Business Programme, has 3 kids…2 undr 2, and is now completing a Coders Course worth 300 hours – Go Tanika, you’re smashing it!

Tanika came to the GRoW Programme during Lockdown, accessing the Programme via Zoom.  Tanika said “I heard about the GRoW programme from Mercedes and I really enjoyed it. It made me realise all of the things that I can actually do and it really boosted my confidence.

I started a Masters Degree in Graphic Design a few years ago but then I had two babies in quick succession which made it difficult for me to then get back on to the course.  I already had an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and have managed to achieve a qualification already through the work I completed on my Masters but I really feel that I want to go back and do another Masters Degree next year in Marketing.

I did the GRoW Your Own Business course with Mercedes which was so interesting.  I have always wanted to work for myself and have tried to do things like selling my artwork online but I have never been too sure how to go about it.  The business and marketing side of running your own business is where I lack knowledge but the GYOB course gave me the confidence to really think about giving it a try.

I went to the Islington GRoW Coffee Morning recently and one of the guest speakers there told me about a Coders Course that was being offered to Islington residents free of charge.  I have signed up to the course which is really good.  It has always been an interest of mine and I feel with my graphic design skills it would be a really useful tool to have in my arsenal.  The course is 300 hours in the beginning over a four week period but I have a Support Worker on the course who has said I can continue to do more afterwards if I want to.  There is a gap for digital coders in the market at the moment now that everything is moving online and I think this is a great opportunity for me to upskill.

I am looking forward to working in the future but at the moment I am focusing instead on improving my skills so that I can try to start up my own business. I think this is a more realistic option for me with three children, two of whom are still babies.  I have mainly been in Education so don’t have the work experience that would put me in a better position when applying for jobs. This is another reason why I think having a business I can run from home is better for me and my family. “

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