Justyna Finds a New job Following Redundancy

Justyna has recently found work after being referred to the GRoW Programme by a Family Support Adviser at her son’s school after she was made redundant from her job of 12 years earlier this year.

Justyna said “I have been working solidly for the past 15 and a half years and never been out of work during that time.  I loved my last job which was at Heathrow Airport but I was unfortunately made redundant when the business closed down due to the coronavirus.  I hadn’t expected to lose my job so suddenly and it was quite a shock; my job was in Customer Service and I had so much passion for it.

My husband and I have recently bought our first home and with me losing my job and his job now at risk due to the coronavirus too I have been quite worried about our financial security.  When I came to the GRoW Programme it really opened my eyes. I met so many other ladies during the 4 week programme who were in similar positions to me, women with young children who really want to work.  When you are out at work everyday you don’t get the chance to mix with other people that much and GRoW gave me that realisation that I am not the only person facing these challenges. It was an amazing experience in my life to meet so many different ladies and feel part of that community.  GRoW also helped me update my CV and have given me direction wherever I needed it – they have been so helpful.

I always read the GRoW jobs bulletin to see if there are any jobs to apply for and I have recently found a job working in a warehouse, organising packages to be sent around the world.  It’s on a zero hours contract which at the moment works for me as it gives me the flexibility to work around my son’s school hours.  The job is two days a week and is very physical and much harder work than I have done before but I am really happy to be back around people, especially during this hard time with lockdown.  I am doing a job, getting paid and am enjoying the social opportunities it offers.

I am continuing to look for other job opportunities as the Warehouse job is only temporary until January and I see it more as just a beginning.  I am really hopeful that when lockdown is lifted things will improve for the retail sector in the Spring as I would like to return to customer service type work again or perhaps work in a school as it will help me work around my son who is autistic.

I am looking forward to joining the GRoW group for mums who have children with Autism to find out what other support is out there and will keep looking for jobs on the GRoW jobs bulletin.

I would also like to say how thankful I am for the £50 pounds I have received from GRoW, it was such a nice surprise for me and I will spend on a nice new hand bag for my self!


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