GRoW Participant Patricija publishes her book on Amazon

Well done Patricija!

We are delighted to tell you about one of our GRoW participants who has written and published a book –  The Simple Truth About Children.

Patricijia Skoberne has come through the GRoW Programme and also undertook our GRoW Your Own Business course with Mercedes Grant.  She signed up for the Universal Credit New Enterprise Allowance which provides practical and financial support to people in specific categories who want to start their own business. It consists of a combination of business mentoring, a weekly allowance, and a business loan. Patricija has written her book as a part of the promotion for her business, ‘Joyful Genius’ which provides Learning and Mindfulness Coaching for children and adults and was inspired by Mercedes’s GYOB workshop.

In Patricija’s book which was published on 3rd November and is available on Amazon, she said “As I see clearly, that our World is going into the direction where children are not taught how to stay connected to the very source of love, where children are cut from this source, where children are not appreciated as our greatest teachers, where children are not taught how to deep into themselves, how to live their own dreams, I have decided to write this very book, with a short quotes that might help you to understand our children of the World, our little lights of the future better and specially to remind you how important is to be an aware parent, an aware Human being in mindful contact with children, as children are just the mirrors of us. I would like to thank you for choosing this small treasure of booklet that I hope will help you to be more present with your own children, or even with your students, and contribute to the future World of happy, brave, joyful, knowledgeable, wise, inspiring, genial and mindful children that will grow up into Humans that fully love and live the life always dreamt of. I invite you kindly to reflect on the words on my four years old daughter’s drawings. Thank you for making this World a better place for us all!

The Simple Truth About Children is available from Amazon here

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