Nusrat grows through GRoW

Nusrat came to GRoW looking to find work now that her children are starting full time education. Through GRoW she is finding a support network that is boosting her confidence and helping her move more quickly to achieving her goals.

Nusrat said “When I came to GRoW I was immediately introduced to the weekly Coffee Mornings and it was a fantastic introduction to what GRoW has to offer.  Just having the opportunity to get together with other women like myself, mostly who have children and are looking to find a job having no work experience or being out of work for a long time.  It was great to be able to interact with other people and have a platform where you can talk and express yourself.  Being a housewife I have not had an opportunity like this before to just meet with other ladies and talk about things I can be doing for myself to achieve more.  It was so nice to feel part of something, meet different people with different perspectives and outlooks and I really look forward to going at the end of the week.

Now my children are starting full time education I am really interested in getting a job in a school.  GRoW have their own app where you can find out everything that is happening and I found out they are running a ‘Preparing to work in schools’ programme in September which I have booked myself on to.  The app is so good, it has everything on there that GRoW are running, such as their cv and interview workshops.  I saw they were running some summer picnics in the park and I have been along to them both. At first I felt a bit nervous but in no time at all I had made new friends and got to know so many more people.  I felt like I could be really open with everyone and it was lovely to be part of something like that in a fun environment.

The other thing I really like about the GroW app is the way it makes you feel.  GRoW send out quotes that I find really motivational, they make you feel good about yourself and it gives me an energy that things can really happen for me.  I think that’s what GRoW does best – encouraging you to take part in things that make you feel better about yourself and motivated to achieve more.  I really feel since starting GRoW that I am growing in myself and I can follow my dreams.  Though I haven’t worked before I have done some volunteering at a children’s centre and I know that working with children is what I want to do. Bringing up my own children and carrying out family duties has given me a lot of experience and GRoW help me see that I have skills I can bring to the workplace.

I really appreciate everything GRoW are doing, giving hope to parents that something good can happen for them, giving them confidence to get out there and talk to people.  It has made really happy and I love being part of it.

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