Elena signs up for ESOL course

Elena heard about GRoW through Altmore Children’s Centre where she was a regular visitor with her 2 year old daughter.

Elena said “Before I moved to England I was working in Scotland on a Broccoli Farm, helping with packaging.  As I was expecting my daughter when I came to England I was not then working and have not worked since she was born so when I heard about GRoW I was interested to find out how the Programme could help me find work.

I have found the GRoW Programme really useful in so many different ways.  Since having my daughter I have been staying home a lot and I was beginning to feel that I needed to get out more and meet new people.  GRoW has enabled me to meet lots of women who are in similar situations to me and it’s opened up lots of opportunities for me that I hadn’t thought about before such as what I really want to achieve in terms of work and what I am interested in.

I have an interest in IT and also I really like working with make up and beauty products, I only do this at home at the moment but it would be really great if I could find a job that would allow me to do this type of work.  Through the GRoW Programme I found out about an ESOL Course I could apply for to help me with improving my English.  I went along to the College in Newham yesterday and applied for a course which starts in February.  If it hadn’t been for GRoW I wouldn’t have known about this at all!

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