Amy gets a job in a Nursery

Amy joined the GRoW programme in October 2019 and has been an active member of the GRoW family always looking for opportunities to find work.  After a few setbacks due to Covid Amy has now started a new job as a Nursery Assistant.

Amy said “It is really important to me to work and keep busy but the most important thing is to find work that fits around my two boys.  I have had a few jobs since I joined GRoW, working in a Nursery and a Cleaning job but I had to leave both jobs due to Covid.

Since then I have continued to look for work and GRoW have helped me all the way with advice and guidance.  It’s been great to have the support of my advisers who help to keep me motivated and striving for more.

I have quite a positive mindset and like to be proactive which has really worked out well for me in finding my new job.  I’m not the sort of person to sit and wait for opportunities to come to me, instead I like to go out and find them for myself!  I did a google search on Nursery Schools near me and then emailed all of them to enquire as to whether they had any vacancies and was offered 3 interviews.  On the second interview I went to I was offered a job straight away and I started this week as a Nursery Assistant.  The terms are 30 hours a week 8.30am til 3.00pm during term-time which is perfect for me because it means I can drop my boys off at Breakfast Club in the morning and then go on to my job and I get to spend the school holidays with them too.

I will continue to undertake online courses in my spare time to make sure I am always improving my skills and prospects but for now I am really happy to have found a job that fits with the needs of my family and I am thankful to GRoW for all their help.”



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