Alexandra GRoWs in Confidence

Alexandra joined GRoW after being out of work for five years to bring up her daugher.  She applied for an NHS Administration role as part of the Covid-19 vaccination programme and has now worked at a number of different vaccination centres and is loving her job.  She has been an active participant at the GRoW activities and events and is also going back to studying.

Alexandra said “I used to work in Pret in London but after I had my baby I spent five years as a stay at home mum.  I am a very outgoing person so being at home for so long was difficult for me.  I missed being around people.  I was looking forward to going back to work and luckily my Universal Credit coach referred me to GRoW.  My first interaction with GRoW was with Chantelle who was so kind to me.  She really helped to build my confidence telling me I could do this and that I would be a star.  I needed that boost and it really helped.

As soon as I started with GRoW Chantelle made me aware of the NHS Vaccination Programme.  I wanted a job between the hours of 9-2 to fit around my daughter’s school day.  The NHS jobs were 12 hours a day but my husband said he would share the school run so we could fit both our jobs around it.  I thought it was an amazing opportunity, the NHS is a stabIe employer and I felt only good things could come of it.

Chantelle put me in touch with Sonia who helped me to improve my CV and with GROW’s help I applied to the NHS in January, completing all the paperwork and the training courses.  They finally called me on 15th March to confirm the position and I carried out my first shift three days later.  Since I started the job I have met some amazing people and have made great friends, some of who have also been introduced through GRoW.  I have already undertaken a range of roles including administrator and front of house and I also asked to be trained as a vaccinator.  All of the team are wonderful to work with and the environment is very nice.  Being surrounded with such smart and kind people grows ambition in you, everyone wants to be better and do better and it is just so inspiring to be around.

Chantelle has been a great support to me throughout my journey back to work.  Five years is a long time to be out of the workplace and I was really losing my confidence.  Despite this I always had the feeling that something big was coming for me and being part of the NHS Programme has brought that feeling to life.  I have been offered many opportunities to undertake more training and everytime I am the first to sign up.

Even though the job is not likely to be long term, it is a great start for me and I now have so many skills, knowledge and learning to put on my CV.  At work they have told me I am a valuable resource, particularly as I speak a number of different languages, which has made me feel so proud.  I feel I have so many more opportunities for the future and I am now planning to study medical law at Brunel University too.

I am very happy I joined Belina GRoW.  I have a number of colleagues who also came through GRoW and we are like a small family, talking regularly and giving each other tips. It was such a big step for me to get out there again after so long out of the workplace but with GRoW’s help I was able to do it.  Really I just needed a nudge and now all I want to do is go out in the world, work hard and enjoy what I do.


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